About Us

Calgara Worldwide was formed in July of 2017 to aid Indian companies looking to increase their sales by exporting, and to also assist foreign buyers in looking to purchase superior products from Indian companies. The goal is to promote the sale of high-quality Indian goods, and keep jobs in the India.

The Indian government has always stressed how important our exports are to the health of this great nation. Calgara Worldwide is here to help answer that call.

Calgara Worldwide is a upcoming company specialized in increasing business profit and sales to foreign manufacturing companies that are looking to export in the India.

We are focussed on client's satisfaction and we use the best tools in the market to cater to their needs.

Marketing Strategy

We combines our marketing goals into one comprehensive plan to achieve the maximum profit potential

Networking Opportunities

Through networking, you can discover new opportunities, build your customer base and find new suppliers and staff

Trade Show Exhibition

Make the most of the opportunities to network at trade shows, by making new contacts and finding new ventures.

Experienced Sales Team

Our specialized sales team is driven to be successful with a possitive attitude to face challenging environments.

What we do

We would like to include your products in our menu so please contact us for a free consultation-we would love to hear from you, and allow a worldwide audience to preview your products. We are invloved in import/export trade consultation for

  • Indian manufacturers
  • Overseas Retailers
  • E-Commerce Companies
  • Foreign Buyers
  • Distributors and Agents.
  • Our client’s needs are our main focus and goals.

    We use all the best tools in the market

    Our goal is to help business owners build their business in India. Globalization has been the key to success for many entrepreneurs who have decided to sell their products abroad. We believe in expanding businesses worldwide by keeping the costs down to minimum. This is our philosophy. Calgara Worldwide Private Limited has been created by a team of professionals with a purpose of satisfying the needs of their clients. Our program is tailored for each client.

    CALGARA WORLDWIDE is a proud member of

    To get in touch with us, please complete the form on our contact us page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.”